Seismic tests
MEKAR Air Handling Units positively pass the seismic tests
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DIN 1946-4 Certification
Mekar has received from TŰV Nord the Certification of the AHU range 23MK-H according to the norm DIN1946-4
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Aliseo Group
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01MK - 02MK





The 01MK series extract range cover an airflow range from 500 to 5480 m3/h with available static pressures from 20 to 300Pa according to the unit model. They are very compact, robust and simple to install, and are useful for all simple applications where an ex-stock unit is required. They are designed for use in all types of locations and are used principally in commercial applications. The are constructed with self-supporting single skin galvanized sheet steel panels with 10mm thick polyethylene insulation. A double skin version with injected polyurethane insulation and aluminium frame is also available. The DIDW, forward curved, fan with direct driven, single phase, 3 speed motor ensures an efficient choice of unit with a wide airflow range.







The 02MK units cover a range of airflows from 2,250m3/h to 16,000m3/h with static pressures from 50 to 600PA.
They are the simple solution for all those industrial and commercial applications where a medium to high extract flow rate is required. They have been designed with a self-supporting single skin panel internally insulated with 10mm thick polyethylene insulation. The DIDW forward curved fan is driven by a belt driven 3 phase motor.