the best environmental control of the ultimate hotel experience

Burj Al Arab | Dubai
650 special's Mekar AHU

the best environmental control of the world's tallest building

Burj Khalifa | Dubai
6.000 special's Mekar FCU

the best environmental control of the FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium

Al Rayyan Stadium | Qatar
170 Mekar AHU

Best high profile units in the most technologically advanced racing circuit of Formula 1

Al Rayyan Stadium | Qatar

Tailor made units for a new generation of distinctive luxury

The Royal Atlantis Resort | Dubai

Ultimate energy efficient units for conceiving a better future for ourselves and our planet

Museum of the Future | Dubai

First class quality units to experience the unforgettable

Rosewood Hotel | Abu Dhabi


Mekar offers a wide and advanced range of air handling units developed and designed to manage dynamically and precisely the best environmental conditions desired by the customer. Multiple solutions are available depending on the intended application - whether for residential, commercial, industrial or marine – the accuracy of the healthy indoor climate and the type of investment.

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