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Aliseo Group is an industrial and commercial entity established in the early 1970, dedicated to developing, engineering and manufacturing of indoor climate solutions. A deep concern to the environment and the continuous research in the innovating technologies towards the energy saving and efficiency, are considered as milestones in the Group's philosophy. The strategic orientation of Aliseo Group is to become an ideal partner in the supply of climate systems that provide superior comfort in standard applications such as residential, commercial and industrial or provide proper and accurate conditions in critical applications such as naval, pool and SPA, food and pharmaceutical industries, Oil&Gas or in the field of the industrial processing.

Other Aliseo Group Brands

The Company is able to provide customised heating and cooling systems, suitable for any environment, in a professional and competent manner. Ventilclima, consolidated manufacturer of fan coils, providing maximum comfort and well-being, with maximum flexibility and attention towards the Customer. Right from the very beginning Ventilclima has designed, developed and sold heating and air-conditioning equipment under its own trademark with an excellent quality-price ratio. This has distinguished the commercial policy of a company consisting of resources, passion and values. The elevated quality of the product and service towards the Customer, as well as the attention given to energy saving, has permitted the company to become well known and appreciated throughout Italy and overseas.

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It's the trademark orientated towards complete HVAC system offering with energy conservation as the main target. The wide range of quality hydronic product manufactured by Eden, matches with the various European standards and consequently finds a perfect response in the market sharing. The comprehensive optional control systems completes the product range.

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It's the trademark offering climate solutions through the realisation of chillers and the heat pumps, both water and air condensed, from 5 to 2,000 kW. Recently, thanks to the strong market development of heat pumps for sanitary hot water, this company is more and more specializing in emergent fields like geothermic and high temperature heat pumps.

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Royal Gulf is the company liable to the marketing of HVAC systems in the UAE, based in Dubai. Royal Gulf closely works with leading consultants, clients, dealers in this region and have an enviable track record for accurate application engineering and supplying high quality products which meet the specified performance criteria. With the on-going boom in the construction industry in the region, the Company continues to drive and record high business growth. Royal Gulf boasts of a team which includes experienced HVAC Engineers and technicians. Equipped to impart complete product knowledge to clients they offer unparalleled after-sales service. Focus on quality and guaranteed after sales service are our hallmarks. Major success for Royal Gulf are the supplì of air handling units and fan coil units for the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, the Burj Tower in Dubai and the first Platinum Rated green Building in Arab Emirates.

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