Air handling unit with reduced thickness

The 31MK series air handling units are configurable units to satisfy, with the adoption of the appropriate components, the functions for the air to be introduced into the environment, for mixing, filtration, heating, cooling and ventilation.

The typical application is the conditioning of offices, shops, public buildings, common parts of residential buildings, industrial environments and in all environments where it is necessary to keep the height of the machine as low as possible. The series consists of 10 sizes, developed on two heights, 400 and 560 mm and 7 widths, for a range of capacities between 1000 and 8100 m3/h, and with total pressures up to 1000 Pa.

The 31MK series is characterized by a reduced height as it is specifically designed for false ceiling installation that does not require dedicated technical spaces, making the entire surface of the rooms usable. The inspection and access to the components is therefore ensured from below.


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