Thermo-ventilation units

The 24MK series air handling units are modular sectional units that can be configured to meet the following functions with the use of the appropriate components: filtration, heating, cooling, mixture of ambient air with external air and ventilation for the air to be introduced into the environment.

Available in 8 sizes for a range of air flow rates between 1,700 and 25,000 m3 / h (maximum flow 18,900 m3 / h in case of air conditioning) with total pressures up to 1000 Pa.The construction is of the type with aluminum frame and sandwich infill panels 25mm thick. The surfaces of the panels are in pre-painted sheet metal, externally and internally galvanized. Sheet thickness 0.5 mm. Thermo-acoustic insulation guaranteed by 45 kg / m3 density polyurethane foam. Although the use is often required in a vertical cabinet configuration, the series is characterized by two other possible installation configurations: vertical "L" and horizontal. Both versions have been designed to minimize the overall dimensions and therefore make the most of the useful space: in height for horizontal installation (typically on the ceiling) and in depth for vertical installation, especially when the unit is leaning against a wall.

The base unit can be configured in various ways according to the needs, however the typically supplied version is normally composed of:

• 48mm thick corrugated synthetic filter. Eff. G4 easily removable with removable inspection panel
• Double-use coil for heating and / or cooling applications from 2/4/6 Ranges P3012 complete with peraluman condensation collection tank
• Motor-ventilating unit with one or more forward-bladed fans, three-phase electric motor with belt drive with variable pulley from standstill. Optional directly connected fan fans EC fan.

The base unit is normally supplied monoblock to the advantage of a better thermal insulation (the junction between the fan section and the treatment is missing) and the assembly times on site.


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